My product recommendations

Below I’ve got links to some products that I believe in and recommend. I created this as part of an effort to generate some income from this podcast. The product links go to Amazon and use my Amazon affiliate code, meaning I’ll get a cut of purchases you make on Amazon if you use my links.

Book recommendations

Food/cooking recommendations

  • Kachava. I recommend this meal replacement powder, specifically the vanilla flavor (haven’t tried all of the flavors). I often have a small shake of this to supplement a meal when I think I’m maybe not getting enough protein for the day, or when I’m just in a hurry. It’s got a lot of vitamins and seems to use good ingredients.
  • Instant Pot pressure cooker and air fryer. A lot of people have the Instant Pots, but not everyone has the air fryer combination. I use this a lot, more than I thought I would. An efficient way to fry up some veggies, or make a rice and veggie mix. Also does sauteeing and slow cooking. This isn’t the only brand out there, but it’s the one I bought.
  • Vitamix. We use the Vitamix a lot, for shakes, for sauces, for dips, for plant-based cheeses, and for soups. It’s a bit expensive but has a long 7-year warranty.

Emergency and safety recommendations

  • Pepper spray guns. I think these are great for feeling a little better about personal safety. I keep one in the car, take one on camping trips (useful for animals, not just people), and take one if I’m walking in a new or threatening place (for example, walking near unfriendly dogs).
  • Bluetti portable power station. I had bought the Jackery power station, but in hindsight this Bluetti brand one is what I wished I’d have gotten. This is good for taking on camping trips, for preparation for power going out, and just a generally good emergency preparedness purchase. You can also get a solar panel for charging it.
  • Life straw. A small portable straw that you can place in dirty water and will filter it as you drink through it. Each straw provides 792 gallons of safe drinking water. A useful item to bring on camping trips, or just for general emergency preparedness.
  • Katadyn water filter. A high-end portable water filter, it is estimated to provide up to 13,000 gallons.