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Podcast interview on social engineering with Jenny Radcliffe

My fifth ‘People Who Read People’ podcast episode is an interview with Jenny Radcliffe (, who goes by the title “The People Hacker”. She’s an expert in social engineering (aka, the manipulation of people to achieve access to goods or information) and non-verbal behavior and psychology. She offers her infiltration services (aka penetration testing or pen-testing) to corporations who want to test their susceptibility to social engineering and in-person hacking, and is a frequent speaker at security-related events. She offers consultation services, gives seminars, and has given TEDx talks. She has her own podcast: The Human Factor. She’s on Twitter at @jenny_radcliffe.

Links to the episode:

In our talk, we discuss:

  • Anecdotes of her corporate infiltration work
  • Psychological and behavioral factors that play a role in hacking and social engineering
  • The frequency of social engineering attacks compared to digital hacking

Youtube video: