Can you predict schizophrenia by analyzing language?, with Dr. Neguine Rezaii

The latest People Who Read People podcast episode is an interview with Dr. Neguine Rezaii, a psychiatrist and psychology researcher, about her team’s 2019 research using machine learning finding speech patterns in young adults that were predictive of later psychosis and schizophrenia diagnosis. The two language patterns found in the subjects’ speech were 1) a low semantic density (i.e., low meaning), and 2) speech related to sound or voices. Here’s a good article about this work: Machine learning approach predicts emergence of psychosis.

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Topics discussed include:

  • How exactly they determined “low semantic density” (low meaning in speech content)
  • How the algorithm found, on its own, indicators related to sound-related speech content
  • The future of using machine learning and automatic diagnosis tools in psychology and therapy
  • Theories that might help explain these findings

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