The role of insults in political and cultural conflicts, with Dr. Karina Korostelina

A talk with Dr. Karina Korostelina, a social psychologist, about her work studying political insults. Korostelina is the author of Political Insults: How Offenses Escalate Conflicts. She’s a professor at George Mason University, and Director of the Program on Prevention of Mass Violence and the Program on History, Memory, and Conflict at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution there.

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Topics discussed include:

  • What role do insults, and the feeling of being insulted, play in political conflicts?
  • How does the role of insults in politics tie in with human group psychology?
  • Does the internet create an environment where insults are more common, and where more people can be directly insulted?
  • How Trump (and other leaders) excel in using insults, both insulting people and groups, and in creating feelings of being insulted in their own group.