What is quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s tell?, with Jon Hoefling

In this episode, I interview Jon Michael Hoefling, a sports analyst and broadcaster, about a recent story that was making the rounds: a young man named Theo Ash, who has a popular TikTok where he analyzes football, had found a physical tell that Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had: how Roethlisberger positioned his foot before a play indicated with almost near certainty whether he would run or pass. Jon Hoefling had written a piece for Deadspin about this, and I invited him on to talk about this tell – about why it showed up, about how likely it was that other teams had noticed it, about what the practical way to take advantage of it would be – and about some other football and sports tells. I may also have on Theo Ash in another episode, as I’m curious to know how he noticed this and what other things he’s noticed.

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Other topics discussed include:

  • The role that analyzing video plays in football and how they may not be focusing that much on individuals
  • Some other football tells
  • The football tell in the movie Invincible
  • Some baseball tells
  • Andre Agassi’s claim that he had a super reliable read on Boris Becker
  • Cheating scandals in baseball, including sign stealing and pitchers using “sticky stuff”

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