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Brian Rast talks poker tells

I was honored to get a chance a couple months ago to talk to high-stakes poker player Brian Rast. The YouTube video is below. It’s rare to get a high-stakes players insights into poker strategy or tells, as many, for good reason, don’t want other high-stakes opponents to get insight about their game. So it’s great that Rast was willing to talk honestly about his stances on how important behavior/tells are in poker. I also plan on updating my Exploiting Poker Tells book in the near future with a few updates, and that would include some snippets from this interview.

This conversation was what led to my decision to start doing the People Who Read People podcast. Unfortunately, I wasn’t planning on doing anything with the audio when I recorded it, so the audio is quite bad, and I’ve decided to just put this interview up on Youtube, and not on iTunes and the other podcast platforms.