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Interview on jury selection psychology and behavioral factors

My third ‘People Who Read People’ podcast was an interview with Dr. Christina Marinakis, an expert on jury selection and voir dire. She is currently the Director of Jury Research at Litigation Insights, a trial consultancy firm. She has also contributed to the second edition of the book Pattern Voir Dire Questions. For a transcript of this talk, see this post.

Some things we talk about in this podcast:

  • What is the process of jury selection like, and how does it differ depending on types of court cases?
  • How important is voir dire? How much influence does it have on a court case?
  • If jury selection can be seen as a game, what are some of the strategies used?
  • How much does the behavior of potential jurors influence your decisions?
  • What are some ways lawyers or jury consultants use their own behavior to attain their goals?

Links to the show:

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