Indicators of fake Amazon reviews, with linguistic researcher Olu Popoola

The twelfth “People Who Read People” episode is an interview with Olu Popoola, a forensic linguistic researcher focused on studying indicators of deception. He’s a doctoral researcher at University of Birmingham U.K. and he also consults as a fraud investigator and corporate trainer on deception detection. Here’s his Twitter account: @oepopoola. Here’s his bio and here’s his blog at

Links to the episode:

Topics discussed include:

  • What does linguistic analysis for deception entail?
  • The definition of “coherence relations” (a basic principle of linguistic analysis)
  • Indicators of fake Amazon book reviews and true/honest ones
  • Popoola’s work examining Amazon reviews of Hillary Clinton’s 2017 book What Happened?
  • Why is detection deception important in our modern age?

Here are some resources of Popoola’s or on subjects that came up in our talk:

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