Reading online dating profile indicators/tells, with Celia

First of two interviews I did about online dating. This is an interview with an acquaintance, Celia, about her experiences with online dating. We focus on the indicators/tells she uses when looking at online dating profiles/pics to determine if someone might be a good match for her. Episode links:

Some topics and research discussed:

  • Are there certain types of photos (like guys holding fish) that influence her to contact or not contact someone?
  • Are there certain written bio description approaches that are turn-offs?
  • What makes a guy’s photos “murder-y” and why is that a problem?
  • Discussion on how much info about yourself is too much in a dating profile (Celia discusses putting ‘vegan’ in her profile and the pros and cons of that)
  • 2007 study by Michael Norton et al showing that the more you learn about a person before meeting them, the more you’ll dislike them (familiarity breeds contempt).
  • 2013 study by Dan Jurafsky et al showing that the main indicator of a successful heterosexual date is the woman talking about herself.