Reading online dating profiles/pics, with Scott

This is the second of two interviews I did about online dating. This is an interview with an acquaintance, Scott, about his experiences with online dating. We focus on the indicators/tells he relies on when looking at people’s online dating profiles/pics to determine if they might be a good match. Scott is a straight man in his 30s who lives in Portland and works in advertising, and we talk a bit about how his advertising skills affect his own profile strategies. We also talk about Episode links:

Some topics and research discussed:

  • Are there certain types of photos (like use of Instagram/Snapchat filters) that influence him to contact or not contact someone?
  • Are there certain profile descriptions that are turn-offs (like women having a long list of demands)?
  • How does his own advertising background affect how he creates his profile? What has he learned?
  • 2007 study by Michael Norton et al about familiarity breeding contempt, and how that might indicate you should err on side of saying less.
  • Thoughts on the importance of in-person chemistry and how there may be ineffable factors at work (e.g., pheromones, or invisible psychological factors at work) that decide if two people will match well.
  • What are the indicators of a good date?