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Cryptocurrency, problem gambling, and addiction, with Paul Delfabbro

A talk with psych researcher Paul Delfabbro about cryptocurrency, problem gambling, and addiction. Delfabbro has done a lot of research on problem gambling and on addiction. He’s worked on several papers related to cryptocurrency, including “The psychology of cryptocurrency trading: Risk and protective factors” and “Cryptocurrency trading, gambling and problem gambling.”

Topics discussed include:

  • How big a problem is problem gambling amongst cryptocurrency traders?
  • What are some of the psych factors that can be present for the more addicted and cult-like crypto behaviors?
  • Might covid have played a role in cryptocurrency price fluctuations?
  • The role of the internet in amplifying temptations and addictions.
  • The role of social media in getting people excited about cryptocurrency.
  • Video game addiction.
  • Can making a large bet/investment in something affect one’s beliefs (for example, a liberal makes a large bet on Trump to win for purely financial reasons but finds themselves rooting for Trump and therefore seeing the world differently)?
  • Day trading and problem gambling.

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