This is a podcast about understanding other people and understanding ourselves, hosted by me, Zachary Elwood. I interview people from a wide variety of fields, from jury consultants to interrogation experts to forensic linguistic analysts to relationship researchers to door-to-door salesmen to restaurant managers.

I’ve done many interviews about political issues, focused on the psychology of political polarization. I see extreme polarization as the biggest problem facing modern societies, and I think to avoid worst-case scenarios we need more people understanding the psychological reasons behind our divides. See all my politics-related episodes.

My main claim to fame is my poker tells work. I’ve also done some research and writing on political and communication topics. I’m on Twitter. I make no money on this podcast. If you want to show your appreciation (and encourage me to keep going), please leave me a rating on iTunes, or throw me some money on Patreon.

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Analyzing written and verbal statements, with Mark McClish

My second “People Who Read People” podcast features Mark McClish, a former US Marshal, and a longtime trainer of law enforcement personnel in interrogation/interview techniques. He has written two books on his Statement Analysis® techniques: I Know You Are Lying, and Don’t Be Deceived. These are great books; the first book was one of the…

First podcast: featuring stand-up comedian Alex Falcone

I’ve started a podcast, “People Who Read People.” It’ll be me interviewing people from different professions/industries about how they use and interpret psychology and behavior in their work. And yes, the title is a bit of a play on Barbara Streisand’s “People Who Need People” song (which coincidentally is from the musical Funny Girl, which…