This is a podcast about understanding, analyzing, and predicting human behavior, hosted by me, Zachary Elwood. This podcast is for anyone who wants to understand people better, whether you want to use that knowledge for your own benefit, or if you just want to increase your understanding of and empathy for others. I interview people from a wide variety of fields, from jury consultants to interrogation experts to forensic linguistic analysts to relationship researchers to Russian/English translators to door-to-door salesmen to political polarization experts to restaurant managers to bus drivers.

Basically, it’s a bunch of stuff I’m interested in, tied together by my interest in psychology. Learn more about my poker behavior/tells work and other research and writing. I make no money on this podcast and spend a good amount of time on it, so if you want to show your appreciation and encourage me to do more, please leave me a rating on iTunes and/or throw me some money on Patreon. I’m on Twitter, too.

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Brian Rast talks poker tells

I was honored to get a chance a couple months ago to talk to high-stakes poker player Brian Rast. The YouTube video is below. It’s rare to get a high-stakes players insights into poker strategy or tells, as many, for good reason, don’t want other high-stakes opponents to get insight about their game. So it’s…

Interview on jury selection psychology and behavioral factors

My third ‘People Who Read People’ podcast was an interview with Dr. Christina Marinakis, an expert on jury selection and voir dire. She is currently the Director of Jury Research at Litigation Insights, a trial consultancy firm. She has also contributed to the second edition of the book Pattern Voir Dire Questions. Some things we…

Analyzing written and verbal statements, with Mark McClish

My second “People Who Read People” podcast features Mark McClish, a former US Marshal, and a longtime trainer of law enforcement personnel in interrogation/interview techniques. He has written two books on his Statement Analysis® techniques: I Know You Are Lying, and Don’t Be Deceived. These are great books; the first book was one of the…

First podcast: featuring stand-up comedian Alex Falcone

I’ve started a podcast, “People Who Read People.” It’ll be me interviewing people from different professions/industries about how they use and interpret psychology and behavior in their work. And yes, the title is a bit of a play on Barbara Streisand’s “People Who Need People” song (which coincidentally is from the musical Funny Girl, which…